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Tricks Class

Supaw Dog Training is a great resource for dog owners looking to upskill themselves and create a stronger bond with their four-legged friends. Our fun and engaging classes are suitable for dogs of all life stages, so join us today and learn all about the key training concepts necessary for you and your pooch to master fun tricks and techniques.

Benefits of Trick Class

  • Provides Mental Stimulation

  • Improves Focus

  • Bonding Experience

  • Impresses and Entertains

  • Adapting Skills to Real Life Situations

  • Fun!!

Supaw Citizen Course a Dog training course package which includes positive reinforcement, management for confinement and potty training and behaviour modification.

Trick Class

4 Sessions, $680 (1 hourly)

Form your own group: $200 off per additional dog

Location: Your residences

Key Concepts Of Training such as: 3D, Luring, Capturing, Shaping Marker Training & Reinforcement Strategies.


  1. Sit

  2. Down

  3. Come

  4. Nose Target (Hand, Target Stick)

  5. Spin / Twist

  6. Peekaboo (In between)

  7. Bow

  8. Jump Over Hoop/Leg

  9. Shake Hands

  10. Go to Crate

  11. Place

  12. Paws Up

*Not limited to the list. Tricks may be excluded/replaced with others depending on dog's skill/learning objective.

~ Valid for 3 months from the first start date

Trick Class
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