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Supaw Dog Training

Supaw Dog Training was founded with the goal to educate all dog parents on how to train and communicate with their dogs effectively. Through training, owners can better understand their dogs and as well as their needs. The training approach adopted at Supaw follows the LIMA (least intrusive, minimally aversive) guidelines. LIMA does not justify the use of punishment in lieu of other effective interventions and strategies. In the vast majority of cases, desired behavior change can be affected by focusing on the animal’s environment, physical well-being, and operant and classical interventions such as differential reinforcement of an alternative behavior, desensitization, and counter-conditioning. Read about more about the Hierarchy of Procedures for Humane and Effective Practice.

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Wilson Song

Wilson was first introduced to positive-reinforcement training in October 2016 while attending a training programme with his dog, Cookie, in Boise, ID, USA. The programme involved clicker training and also force-free methods. After undergoing the 12-weeks training programme, Cookie was certified as an American Kennel Club – Canine Good Citizen!

From experiencing positive reinforcement training first hand, Wilson noticed the stark difference in approach compared to typical training methods which relied on punishment to achieve dog behavioural outcomes. The stress and confusion he saw some dogs were put through, just to attain similar outcomes that could have been achieved with positive-reinforcement training, pained him as a dog owner. Positive-based training has the clear advantage of achieving similar or better outcomes, while allowing owner and dog to foster close bonds and communicate more effectively – all without having to resort to hurting and scolding the dog!

His passion is in helping owners develop deep lasting bonds with their dogs, and has made it his personal goal to have owners achieve this through the right way – positive-reinforcement training!

Wilson has successfully achieved the International Association of Animal Behaviour Consultants – Accredited Dog Trainer (IAABC-ADT) title on Oct 2021.

Dog Trainer (Foundation) – Karen Pryor Academy
Diploma in Canine Behaviour (With Distinction) – The International School For Canine Psychology & Behaviour

International Association of Animal Behaviour Consultant – Accredited Dog Trainer

AVS – Accredited Certified Dog Trainer

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