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The dog walker takes dogs on outings to various locations around Singapore, promoting better behavior generalisation through positive reinforcement for effective behaviour modification.

Walk With Wilson

Socialising & outdoor with Wilson. 

Allow Wilson to bring your dog for outing in various location around Singapore. This will help your dog to generalise behaviours better with constant reinforcement of desirable behaviours in an outdoor setting. 


Gradual exposure to new stimulus such as park, cyclists, walking alongside other dogs, people.

Generalising of behaviour such as: loose leash walking, stay & recall

Taking dogs on outings across diverse locations in Singapore, the dog walker fosters improved behavior generalisation with positive reinforcement, contributing to effective behaviour modification.
Initiate positive reinforcement behavior modification right from puppy training.


Weekdays only, excluding PH
Duration: 2 hours

*owner does not attend the session

Max of 2 dogs per session

$120 per dog per session

$200 per 2 dogs of same household per session

Walk With Wilson
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