Private Home Training

Private home training provides flexibility in terms of scheduling. Learn how to use basic behaviours and apply it into daily life such as going to a cafe, or a park with your dog. You will also be taught how to teach your dog by breaking down the behaviour during training.​

Suitable for dogs of all life stages.


Supaw Citizen Course

4 Sessions, $580. (1 hourly)

Basic behaviours such as Sit, Down, Stay, Recall & Loose leash walking with your pup.

Reinforcement strategies for your dog to learn desired behaviours

Management for confinement and potty training

*Adjustable to your dog’s needs. Suitable for all ages.


Consults & Behaviour Change

First session, $180 

Follow-ups, $150

Targetted training on issues of concern such as barking, leash pulling and crate training. There are no fixed amount of sessions for this as each dog learns at different pace.

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