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Day Training (FAQ)

Day Training is a specialised dog training/outing service where Wilson incorporate training exercises during your dog's walks. It's a holistic approach that combines both exercise, training & socialisation.​


How long is each session?

Day Training/Outing typically lasts for 3-4 hours, ensuring that your dog receives adequate exercise, training, and attention.


When are the outing days?

Outing are only on weekdays. If you are not at home during these times, please contact Wilson for alternative transport arrangements. 


Where do you usually bring the dogs to? 

In consideration of weather and temperature, we typically bring the dogs to dog parks, parks & gardens, and urban areas; however, we prefer more shaded or dry locations for their comfort.


Who is this program suitable for?

Our walk & train services are suitable for both puppies and adult dogs. We customise the training approach based on the age, development stage, and specific requirements of each dog. It is also suitable for owners who work long hours, and require help to reinforce certain behaviour repertoires. 


Can I customise the training based on my dog's specific needs?

Absolutely! We understand that every dog is unique. Each dog is only paired with suitable dogs, or worked alone if needed. Each outing is tailored to address specific needs and goals.


How often should my dog participate in the sessions?

The frequency of sessions depends on your dog's individual needs and your training goals. Please contact us for further discussion.


What if my dog has special needs or specific behavioural issues?

Include your objectives when filling out the sign-up form. It can contain specific training goals such as working on reactivity, fearfulness, or even just a day of fun! If your dog has a bite history, contact us for private home training initially.


What happens during inclement/averse weather?

We understand the importance of your dog's well-being. In case of inclement weather, we may modify the activities or, if necessary, reschedule the session. Your dog's safety is our priority. 


Are you handling all 4 dogs at the same time?

Each outing can be up to 4 dogs, but dogs will be paired together to ensure that safety (of your dog, the public and trainer) can be achieved. If not, the amount of dogs per session will be reduce.


Payment, Billing & Cancellations

New clients must complete an initial three-session tryout, paying the full service fee for each session in advance to secure their slots. If they continue with at least one session per week, they receive a 10% discount and are billed monthly. Regular clients (enjoying the discount) are billed at the end of every month, while those paying full price must pay in advance to secure each slot. Cancellations within 24 hours will be billed accordingly.

Day Training & Outing
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