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Terrific Teens (Group)
Puppylove x Supaw x Pawsitive Mind

Has your previously angelic pup suddenly morphed into a lunging banshee with selective hearing?

If that sounds familiar to you, welcome to the club of adolescent canines!

Come let us help you navigate this challenging period through lots of fun and games. 


For dogs between 5 months - 24 months only.

This program is taught in collaboration with Puppylove SG & Pawsitive Mind

Contact us for Group Puppy Pre-School (dogs 4 months and younger)

Supaw Citizen Course a Dog training course package which includes positive reinforcement, management for confinement and potty training and behaviour modification.

Terrific Teens

5 Sessions, $800 (1 hourly)

Max of 4 dogs per session. Min 2 to begin

Location: Ozzy & Friends, 11 Kalidasa Ave

Time: Saturdays, 10am

Next run: 24 Feb 2024 (Instructor: Wilson)


In Terrific Teens, we expand on the skills learned in Puppy Preschool.


If the human and dog team didn’t attend Puppy Preschool, that is ok too! We will tailor the program to suit each team.


Some of the topics covered in Terrific Teens include

- Watch me/Focus

- Sit/down/stand

- Stay/wait

- Recall/coming when called

- Loose leash walking

- Settling on mat 

- Dealing with jumping up, mouthing

- Life skills like not rushing through doors, taking turns, body handling

- Tricks like shake hands, hi 5, heel, spin, touch

Puppylove x Supaw x Pawsitive Mind 
Terrific Teens
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